What is custom made jewelry?

Otter with crab custom pendantWe have all heard about custom made jewelry, but when it comes down to it, what exactly does it mean? Where can you buy something unique? Well, a custom design literally means “original” therefore, not mass produced in its millions and also designed to match the wearer’s personal and unique tastes. Those that like such types of jewelry are often on the lookout for something that matches their individual tastes and preferences. There are generally two types of shops and websites that cater for custom made jewelry, one is designed to suit different types of people such as those that fit into a particular style, maybe someone that is spiritual and likes to express themselves through their jewelry or those that have something in mind, maybe they love a certain type of animal and are looking for someone to create a “one-off” piece of jewelry.
Both types of stores and online shops cater for custom made jewelry but both are very different in styles. One is more “hands on with creation for the jewelry” and the other carefully selects certain ranges to suit the stores “audience”. One of the best online stores we have come across that has this style of store is Tomaxalex they have a wide range of selections and you can see from their great site that the ranges are for those with a greater “self being” or in some terms religious.


Normally custom made jewelry can cost a lot more than mass made products as the jewellers Salt ring custom jewelryexpertise is generally required, especially when someone has certain requirements and the custom made jewelry can often take months to be completed. I recently had purchased a “salt ring” as it is said to will help detox, healing whilst balance energy and rejecting negative vibes. Salt is said to be a great naturalizer and will help any detox process, which at the time, was extremely relevant for me.